Inspired Portraits

At Inspired Portraits, we capture precious family moments throughout the different stages of your family's life. From learning of your little one joining the world, to the early stages of their life and the ongoing special, loving family memories throughout their lives. You can trust us to create a meaningful moment in time!

We have a reputation for valuing the importance of capturing those treasured moments for you. By providing quality products, we afford you and future generations the opportunity to cherish and reflect on them for years to come.

Your Planning Consultation

Your custom portrait experience starts with a planning consultation over the phone. Getting to know you is an essential part of the process and once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a questionnaire that will allow us to get to know you on a deeper level. Understanding who is important to you and why, will help us to work with you to create unique photographs, evoking emotion every time you see it.

To make the most of this experience, take the time now to be present with your loved ones and really take notice of those little things that make that person special and unique. From hidden talents to quirky traits and those characteristics that just make you smile, we absolutely love hearing all about your family. The stories you tell us are the best guide to creating a true custom portrait experience, from start to finish.

... Inspired Portraits went above and beyond to ensure we had the most fabulous experience ever! The quality of the artwork and products is superb... Kylie

During this consultation we’ll also gain some insight into where you might like to display your artwork, so we can shoot and design with that space in mind. Don’t forget this is all about you, so the more you tell us, the more amazing the experience will be.

Your Photographic Session

Your photographic session will bring to life the stories, relationships and emotions expressed during your planning consultations. This is the part where we capture those special moments, feelings and personalities that are important to you. Your photographic session is fully customised and is a collaboration between you and your loved ones, and the team at Inspired Portraits.

Sessions are held in our private and cosy Werribee studio or at one of our personally selected outdoor locations. Either way, we will ensure you have an amazing experience that not only puts you at ease but in fact brings out the love and emotion needed to capture that perfect photograph.

You can generally expect your photographic session to last anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes. You will be pleasantly surprised by the immediate connection you feel to your photographs given the intimacy of your shoot and the ability to identify the emotions felt when those photographs were taken.

Your Design Consultation

Your design consultation happens shortly after your photographic session and makes choosing the photographs that you love easy. Your design consultation is held at our studio and is a fully guided, cinematic presentation of your gallery set to music up on the big screen. This is a really fun part of your experience!

This open-session runs for about 45 minutes and is the ideal opportunity for all decision-makers to be present. This is where photographs are chosen, creative decisions are made and your artwork design is finalised. It is your story, so we want you to be involved and together we will create beautiful products that are as unique as you are.

Your dedicated Design Consultant will assist you in selecting your favourite items to create the perfect artwork and products for your home, complementing its design and décor. We know how important it is to touch and see before you buy, so we have samples of our wall art and table products for you to view and handle during the design consultation. Each piece of artwork is hand-crafted and presented on the finest museum archival quality products, guaranteed to serve as an heirloom that will last for generations.

Your art work and products are ordered and paid for on the day of your design consultation. We accept cash, credit and bank transfer. Payment plans are available upon request.

...Their (Inspired Portraits) professionalism and approach was outstanding and we gladly recommend them... Ann

Your Artwork

The most exciting part of your experience is returning to the studio to collect your custom artwork. We work with professional photographic labs to produce the highest quality products for our clients. Canvas, metal and acrylic artworks have a quality guarantee of 75+ years, ensuring you will enjoy your artwork for many generations to come. We will keep in touch with you while your artwork is being produced however items are usually delivered within 4-6 weeks of your design consultation.

...It has honestly been the most enjoyable experience I have ever had and cannot wait for our next set of portraits. I really felt like we were cared for and that was important to me. Fabulous customer service, awesome!... Cassandra

Client Experience

Each client experience is unique and we strive to ensure that you have the best experience possible from the first time we speak until your gorgeous photographic artwork is displayed in your home. We have a range of products and artwork to choose from and all items are custom-made specifically for each client.

Quotes are provided based on the individual needs and requirements for each client. Session fees start at $200 for weekdays and $250 for weekends. Wall art and products are additional to the session fee. As a guide, most of our clients are investing between $1500-$3000 for their customised photographic portraiture. To assist you with your investment, we accept cash, credit card, bank transfer and payment plans are available upon request.